Jazz/Hip Hop

Hop and Bop,  Hip Hoppin Jazz, and Hip Hop

For the younger students,

Is your child a “SUPER STAR”? Do they love to MOVE? If so Hop and Bop is exactly what you are looking for! Hop and Bop is the perfect class to less loose, have fun and get moving! Using games and music, the class focuses on rhythm, musicality and basic dance technique. Your child will be given the opportunity to freely express his/her love of music and movement.


For the older students,

Hip Hoppin Jazz and Hip Hop are high-energy class that develops basic dance technique, flexibility, musicality and performance quality. Students are provided with opportunities to be creative while having fun, expressing themselves though movement while developing strength, stamina and confidence. Each class starts with an action-packed warm-up followed by combinations and choreography to their favorite tunes.

All Hip Hoppin Jazz and Hip Hop classes are structure maintaining an atmosphere that is positive and upbeat. .


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