Three to Five Program Outside Time

Each day there are two scheduled outside times.  The children enjoy the fresh air and an extended time of play each morning and afternoon. During these play times the children not only experience free play but also planned activities lead by the educators. While outside, they enjoy actives that allow them to develop their fine motor and listening skills and imaginations. Some of these activities include bubble blowing, dancing to music and painting. Children at Leap Forward Childcare also enjoy activities that allow them to just be kids, moving as they please. They are given space and activities that encourage running, jumping, marching, skipping, crawling and turning.

Some of the activities and equipment the children regularly enjoy are as follows: tricycles, balls, cars, trucks, dolls and accessories, kitchen centre and accessories, tool centre and accessories, skipping ropes, hoola hoops, bowling games, puzzles, water play centre, sand play centre, calk, bubbles, picnic centre, musical instruments and the very popular parachute game.

Our on-site play space has a sturdy 6’ fence and covers a space of more than 1800 square feet which wraps around the back of the building in an “L” shape. The children plant flowers and such along the edges and wait patiently, looking each day, to see the exciting growth that has taken place. The ground is often marked or painted with child friendly activities and markings such as Hop Scotch and bicycle paths. Our on-site play space is colourful, safe, welcoming, functional and inviting for the children, parents and educators of Leap forward Childcare.

Leap Forward Childcare is also equipped with an age appropriate sturdy and safe jungle gym for the children to use at their leisure.

Outside time is cancelled only in extreme weather conditions that would make it an uncomfortable or undesirable experience for the children. At Leap Forward Childcare we are not afraid of a little rain or the snow!