Three to Five Program

At Leap Forward Childcare we know that parents are not just looking for extended babysitting during the day, but a program that serves to develop their child and allow him or her to grow in their creativity and abilities. This is why we have developed a quality child focused program that provides the children with not only a fun-filled day, but also an opportunity to explore more of the world through their daily activities. At Leap Forward Childcare, each child is encouraged to develop to a maximum his or her creative and intellectual skills through music, movement, art, science and reading. Leap Forward Childcare has a strong focus on teaching and developing social skills. At Leap Forward Childcare social skills are taught and developed through positive interaction with peers and teachers in a supportive and encouraging environment.

They say there is no handbook for becoming a parent, and that making good choices can be difficult. We promise you that choosing Leap Forward Childcare will be easy choice you will not regret.