Infant Toddler Program Philosophy

Leap Forward is committed to nurturing and guiding young children.  We provide an environment that fosters trust, security and comfort.  We strive to provide a balance of activities that help children develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Leap Forward Childcare respects and values differences, recognizing that children are individuals and that every child is unique.

Leap Forward Childcare provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment for all children.  Leap Forward Childcare provides the time and opportunities required for children to explore and investigate their world and to communicate with other children and adults.  Our environment fosters an accepting, tolerant and flexible attitude towards others and respect for the natural world.

During the formative years children learn how to get along in a group, to problem solve in their relationship with peers, and to have a positive self-image.  The children at Leap Forward Childcare gradually develop these skills by participating in our play based program. We believe play is a child’s work.  It is their way of experimenting and naturally finding the answers to the “why?” and the “how?” questions life presents.

Our priority is to be respectful and caring, to treat each child and parent as individuals, to provide a safe environment that will promote positive growth and to maintain the parent as the child’s primary caregiver.  As parenting is such a difficult task, we endeavour to work with the families to support positive parenting. We value all parenting styles and will work towards meeting the needs of children and parents through realistic expectations and ongoing communication.

Leap Forward Childcare provides quality care, a nurturing environment, support and resources and a flexible and family centred surroundings for all to enjoy.