Infant Toddler Program Guidance Policy

“Care and Respect” describes guidance at Leap Forward Childcare.  We are always available when needed by the children.  We listen and hear what the children are saying.  When we look at a child, we see a unique individual.  When we communicate with a child, we express that we care by smiling, talking, hugging, setting boundaries, allowing frustration, allowing exploration, and giving choices. We give the children clear messages about how we feel and what we expect from them, which fosters their sense of independence. A child needs to know where he or she stand in all kinds of life situations and loving guidance is an integral part to a child's sense of security.  Setting boundaries is an important part of the guiding and caring process. A consistent and non-threatening approach in an effective way to teach a child boundaries. To this end, the educators set reasonable boundaries and support each child’s growth toward self-control and social awareness.

Examples of Guidance:

  • Child’s level
  • Make eye contact
  • Calm and firm voice – positive statements
  • Have child repeat instructions
  • State expectations using clear and specific boundaries
  • Be Consistent and follow through
  • Reinforce appropriate behaviour
  • Encourage children to use teacher as a resource and model problem solving
  • Anticipate –be observant, predict difficult situations, and proactively plan effective strategies.
  • Intervention when necessary with redirection

Examples of techniques and strategies used:

  • Strategic withholding of attention or selective ignoring: used when behaviours that are inappropriately “attention seeking”
  • Redirection (to appropriate activity): change circumstances or environment which causes unwanted behaviour, offer choice when appropriate.
  • Natural and logical consequences: natural consequences result “naturally” from inappropriate behaviour choices. Adult does not intervene. SAFETY always taken into account.
  • Logical consequences are related or are somehow fitting for the particular behaviour.
  • Logical consequences are imposed by the adult i.e.: a child who is pushing other children off a climbing toy is not allowed to play on it for ___ minutes. Once child has experienced the consequence, do not lecture or sympathize.

To the educators at Leap Forward Childcare, guidance describes the teaching/learning process by which children develop socially and mature.  We assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence, and ultimately self-discipline and sensitivity to their interactions with others.  Underlying our approach is the recognition that each child is a unique individual and that the child’s experience, environment, developmental level and culture influences his/her behaviour.