Kierra Taylor

KierraKierra Taylor is a practicum student working to get her ECE from Pacific Rim. Kierra holds an Early Childhood Educator’s Assistant licence to practice. She is near the end of obtaining her certificate and is excited to get to start her professional career. She is completing her second practicum while at Leap Forward and will be working full time for 3 weeks. Kierra grew up in a small town called Squamish and moved to Victoria about 10 years ago. She has loved being in Victoria and getting to explore and discover the different areas of the city. In her spare time Kierra likes to spend her time outdoors and enjoys hiking, running, biking, and camping.  While stuck inside Kierra has been learning to knit and crochet and has loved learning these new skills. She is excited to complete her practicum with Leap Forward and is excited to acquire the necessary skills to have a positive and effective career in the future.