Ashley Reid

AshleyAshley is an Early Childhood Educator Assistant on her way to becoming an Early Childhood Educator. Ashley has a huge interest in children with special needs and is also working towards attaining her special needs certification.

Ashley loves working with children of all ages. When working with the infants and toddlers Ashley enjoys the extra cuddles and snuggles and being part of each milestone that takes place. When working with the pre-school aged children she enjoys being part of their daily adventures and seeing how quick they are to learn new things!

Ashley holds the attention of each child during the centres daily circle time. Ashley’s exciting circle times include singing and dancing and learning about the world we live in. Ashley enjoys sharing her creativity and curiosity with the children she cares for through art and science. She has tons of unique art activities and exciting science experiments up her sleeve!

Children adore Ashley and often express their profound love for her and all she does for them at the end of the day when their parents arrive. Ashley is a caring, warm, fun team player. She is always looking for ways to improve and learn. Ashley has a natural gift for working with young children.

Leap Forward Childcare is fortunate to have such an amazing young lady part of the team!